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The relevance of international restoration principles for ecosystem restoration practice in Rwanda

Marina Frietsch, Joern Fischer, Beth A. Kaplin, Berta Martín-López

Key message

“The “Principles to guide the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030” can be a basis for reflection and exchange among stakeholders on restoration approaches and priorities. In Rwanda, approaches to restoration differ among key restoration stakeholders with respect to (1) the envisioned goal of restoration, (2) the motivation for involving stakeholders, and (3) the spatial scale at which restoration interventions are carried out. Sound knowledge on ecological conditions, communities' sense of ownership of restored sites, and a long-term vision for restoration activities are key for successful restoration in the study area and most likely beyond.“

The social-ecological ladder of restoration ambition

Marina Frietsch, Manuel Pacheo-Romero, Vicky M. Temperton, Beth A. Kaplin, Joern Fischer